Meet Our Founder: Adina Gres

Financial Concierge is the innovative bookkeeping firm founded by finance manager, accounting teacher, and community philanthropist, Adina Gres.  From her early teenage years running profitable backyard businesses with her sister, to her professional work as a licensed RCFE administrator, to her decision to launch her own bookkeeping and accounting services firm in 2014, Adina understands that success in business depends on tracking money accurately and efficiently.

Adina knows that whether a business is moving along well or facing an unexpected audit, accurate records are crucial. Her team is deadline-oriented and available to answer questions and address concerns, especially during busy season.


Adina understands the fears of business owners dealing with the complexities of financial management. She and her team maintain personal connections with clients, ensuring that they always know where their money is and giving them the peace of mind to focus on growing their businesses.


Adina has a passion for systemizing finances, bringing business records up-to-date, and transforming enterprises with mishandled expenditures into regulated, high-functioning operations. She and her team identify deep organizational challenges that may be affecting profitability so that businesses can have the full financial picture of corporate capital-management.


Financial Concierge gives back to the community by supporting the work of local food pantries and frontline healthcare workers. Adina personally mentors young women who are about to embark on their professional careers, she co-sponsors myriad events promoting female entrepreneurship, and she hosts a podcast on issues of faith, business, and female achievement, entitled “Things I Think You Should Know.”

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Business Built On Financial Order

Adina has trained and built an exceptional team at Financial Concierge.  These bookkeeping professionals encompass the skills, knowledge, discretion, oversight, accountability, and meticulous transactional organization that leads clients to audit preparedness, business acumen, and a consistent command of money-awareness.

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  • Fiscal Control
  • Industry Knowledge
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  • Deadline Driven
  • Assisted Living Consulting/Billing
  • CPA - Aligned
  • Responsive Staff
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